Planning Continues for Proposed West Road Dog Park

Town Manager Kevin Smith said he sees no issues with siting a dog park off West Road.

“The Council asked me to look into any maintenance that needs to be done to the land prior to the park being constructed and I checked in with our Department of Public Works,” he told the Council last week. “(Director) Janusz Czyzowski said he doesn’t see any issues with that land being used, other than obviously some trees would have to come down when they decide to move forward with the construction of the park.

“The area that they’re looking to design the park in does not encroach on the conservation easement,” he added. “So they would not have any issues from the Conservation Commission there.”

Smith said the town is looking into any possible liability issues.

He said Primex, the town’s insurer, has been contacted about the proposed dog park. “I’m going to be working with some members of the dog park committee so that we can get clarification on some of the liability issues, but so far things appear to be moving in the right direction for them to be able to start moving forward in collecting donations,” Smith said.

The committee was to meet Tuesday, Feb. 11, after the Londonderry Times went to press, to discuss the proposal further.

In other business at the Monday, Feb. 3 meeting, Smith presented Geoff Hewes and Dan Leonard of the 603 Brewery, 12 Liberty Drive, Unit 7, as part of his effort to highlight local businesses.

Hewes and Leonard said they started the brewery about two years in Campton.

“Moving down to Londonderry was a big decision, we had a lot going on all at once, and we were a little nervous on how we would be received, but I gotta tell you it’s been nothing but a good reception,” Hewes said.

Smith gave the pair an acrylic pyramid with the Town Seal inside, and a pin of an apple, representing the town’s apple orchard heritage.

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