Planning Continues for Nutfield Towns’ 300th Anniversary

Londonderry’s Nutfield 300th Anniversary Committee members discussed recruiting representation from the other participating communities – Windham, Derry and Chester – and hosting a celebration over several months.

Representatives from Windham’s Historical Society and First Parish Church in East Derry discussed with the planning committee at their meeting Monday setting tentative dates for the celebration and collaborating events in each of the communities.

The Nutfield 300th Anniversary Committee is charged with the planning and execution of the celebration to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the settling of Nutfield and to plan a joint commemoration and celebration, organizing logistical details and identifying resources.

Paul Lindemann of First Parish Church suggested spreading the 300th celebration activities and events over a few months.

“I think it will be challenging to organize it all, but doable,” he said.

Committee member Reed Clark, whose father chaired Nutfield’s 200th Anniversary celebration, said he thinks it’s a good idea to spread out the celebration from April to August.

The Committee discussed in their last meeting coordinating with the Old Home Day Committee and adopting in 2019 Old Home Day as the 300th anniversary’s theme in Londonderry.

“I like the idea of spreading the celebration over a period of time to allow people the opportunity to participate in different events,” said member Art Rugg, who is representing the Londonderry Planning Board. “I think the bulk of it should revolve around the history to get other people interested in it, and to create more town spirit.”

Clark noted the Committee will, before April, need to highlight events and other dates in an informational booklet for the celebration.

“I think we should generate a list of potential events we can do and dates we’re planning to hold this,” Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith said. “April sounds like it would be a good starting date because of the historical context.”

The Committee plans to set tentative dates at its next meeting and brainstorm ideas for activities they would like to see in the participating communities.

Their next meeting is scheduled for June 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Town Hall.

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