Police Draw Weapons in Arrest of Husband and Wife

On Thursday, Oct. 17, at about 9:30 p.m., Londonderry police Officer Matthew Morin recognized Eric Sederquest, 32, of 274 Candia Road, Chester and Jessica Lynn Sederquest, 34, of 114 Griffin Road, Deerfield. The pair were wanted by Stratham police on theft charges.

According to Detective Christopher Olson, Morin stopped the pair at the Sunoco gas station on Nashua Road (Route 102) near the Cracker Barrel.
“The officer thought that they might run and performed a ‘felony’ stop, which is a stop where the officers draw their weapons. Upon stopping, the doors of the vehicle opened and officers drew their weapons and ordered them out of the vehicle,” Olson said.
Olson said they were searched, and a small amount of heroin was found on Eric Sederquest.
“Mr. Sederquest was charged with possession of a controlled narcotic/drugs,” Olson said. “Nothing was found on Mrs. Sederquest and she was not charged. Mrs. Sederquest was released to the Stratham police department and Mr. Sederquest was arrested and charged on the drug possession and released on $5,000 personal recognizance bail to the Stratham police department. He was given a court date of Nov. 4 at Derry District Court on the drug charge.”

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