Property Owners Look to Convert Duplex into Condominium on Adams Road

Representatives for Dane Development looked to gain permission from the Planning Board to alter the purpose of one of their structures in Londonderry during the board’s latest meeting on December 6 at Town Hall.

Joseph Manard, a representative for Benchmark Engineering, came before the board to request permission to convert a building owned by Dane Development from a duplex into a condominium on 86A Adams Road.  Already determined not to hold any regional impact earlier in the meeting by the board, the project would be an extension of a lease and lot divide granted by the board back in 2015.

Manard confirmed that only the ownership portion of the structure would be converted, and the site plan already falls within any state subdivision requirements for approval, thus only needing permission from the board in order to move forward.

It was noted by Manard, however, that there do exist some wetlands north of the property.  In order to eliminate any concerns about overreaching into said wetlands, monuments were set up along the lot lines to keep the two sides separated.

As far as questions and concerns from the council, board member Ann Chiampa questioned the current state of the septic system on the property, to which Manard confirmed that it is still in good shape and was on the property long before the site plan came to be.  Meanwhile, Roger Fillio showed some concerns over how long it has been since the lease and lot divide were undertaken and whether or not that may conflict with updated regulations for these structures.  He was quickly reminded that it would not be an issue, as the new structure would simply be held to those updated standards.

Aside from those two questions, the board showed no concerns over the state of the plan and unanimously approved the application.

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