Proposed Town Recreation Guide Under Review

Discussion on the ongoing development of a recreation guide for town properties occupied the Conservation Commission in an Aug. 19 workshop led by Bill Flynn of the Arnett Development Group.

Arnett is putting together an interactive guide for potential users of the town’s open spaces.

“The recreation guide project was undertaken to answer the question of ‘what can I do and where?’” Londonderry Comprehensive Planner John Vogl said. “There are a lot of questions about the conservation holdings the Town has with respect to what’s accessible, what uses are permitted, and conversely, what uses are prohibited.”

Flynn and the Conservation Commission have been working to inventory the properties and assemble a web-based guide that can be referenced to obtain trail maps, property descriptions and information about navigating the trail systems.

“We decided to build the guide around two points of access to a series of site-specific web pages for 12 recreational opportunities,” Vogl said. One access point is a map, where someone can see what’s available in different parts of town. The second is a use table, where someone can see where activities like picnicking or snowshoeing, for instance, are permitted.

“Both entry points will make the site-specific pages more accessible,” Vogl said. “Hopefully, they will also direct people to the lesser known opportunities.

“We took a broad look at outdoor recreation, and included cultural activities such as apple picking to our list,” Vogl added. “The Conservation Commission has secured easements on three working orchards, and those farms present great opportunities for enjoying shopping for locally grown produce. We also included the Apple Way, which illustrates Londonderry’s rural character and heritage.

“I think there is something for everyone and every interest in the guide,” he added. “I was surprised at how many diverse activities we had available. This was a good project and we are all pleased with how it’s coming along.”

Flynn said a presentation to the Town Council on the Recreation Guide will take place Sept. 8.

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