Public Trail at Nevins Community to Be Removed From Site Plan

A standing room only crowd of Nevins Adult Community residents filled the Moose Hill meeting room for a Planning Board discussion on a proposed public walking trail along the perimeter of the development. After the issue was aired, the board voted unanimously to remove the proposed trail from the site plan.

The proposed walking trail that garnered so much attention at the Wednesday, May 5 meeting has not been constructed but is included in the original site plan for the adult development. Planning Board chairman Arthur Rugg asked for a show of hands from the audience of those present because of the Nevins matter, and every hand in the room was raised.

The board granted a waiver that the completed checklist be submitted and that the application to remove the trail be accepted as complete. Both passed unanimously.
Nashua attorney Morgan Hollis, representing the Nevins board of directors and the developers of the property, said that after a couple of votes taken on the issue by residents, they determined the residents did not want the trail and wanted it removed from the site plans so it would not be built.

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