Recreation Commission Look at Community Pool Committee

Fall may be very close, but that does not mean that the Londonderry Recreation Commission is off the hook, as they had plenty to discuss during their latest meeting on September 10.

One of the topics discussed by the commission was on the subject of the Town Council’s latest proposition to build a community swimming pool in Londonderry.

The council has established a committee to explore the idea that would require one representative from the Recreation Commission.

However, commission members were quick to point out that there has been a very negative reception towards the idea; with residents questioning the need for a pool in the past. It is believed a very rough estimate for such a project would cost around $3.5 million dollars. This cost would include construction and cover employment of a maintenance crew and life guards.

Commission member Chantal Schreiner mentioned, “Facebook chatter on the subject is very negative.”

Overall, it didn’t seem like there was much support from the commission for the pool, and members wondered where the idea sprang from.

Glen Douglas volunteered to represent the commission.

Members also suggested that a question be put on the ballot for the next town election, to let the public vote on whether or not they would want to see this project go forward.

Another topic discussed was the suggestion to set up an official women’s flag football team and an official competitive jump rope team in Londonderry.

The first suggestion was inspired by a women’s flag football tournament that has been going on for a number of years, but was recently supposed to take place in Derry, but was cancelled.

This resulted with the leaders of the team inquiring about Londonderry’s possible involvement in the future.

The idea for a jump rope team was brought up by the L-Town Turners; an all girls’ team here in Londonderry. The group’s leader, Christina Baez, hopes to gain support from the commission and wanted to advertise for new members through the commissions website.

The commission agreed that they would support these ideas, if the demand is high enough.

In other news, it was announced that the new maintenance building; used to store equipment for the various fields in Londonderry, was completed just prior to Labor Day. There had been some initial conflict with the Town Council over the cost of the project. The commission seemed quite pleased with the state of the new structure; which now includes energy efficient lighting, fans, and four new windows. The commission is also in the process of replacing the lighting on Nelson Field, with the parts for the replacements due to arrive Sept. 24. They are hoping to eliminate the old poles. Replacement of existing fixtures is planned, which are considered hazardous waste. The vendors who are replacing the lighting offered to take care of the poles and fixtures for an additional $3,000.

Finally, there has been confusion over a sign outside of soccer fields in Londonderry that forbids golf practice on the fields. The sign was placed due to individuals using the fields for golf practice, but some residents have been led to believe that the signs actually forbade soccer practice.

The commission wishes to reiterate the sign only forbids golf practice.