School Board Approves Expenses for Work Done Last Summer

Londonderry School District Business Administrator Peter Curro requested that the school board approve expenditures from the Maintenance Trust Fund to pay for projects that have been undertaken.

“These were projects that were done usually over the summer and these funds were approved back in March, but we need to have the board approve the transfer of the money to the Maintenance Trust Fund to cover the costs from the town who holds the money through the Trustee of Trust Funds,” Curro told the board at its Thursday, Jan. 30 meeting.

The completed projects were replacement of the high school roof, phase 3, at $219,653; welding repairs to the heating systems pipes at the high school and South School, $10,316.72; replacing the gym floor at North School, $105,204; and grounds, fields, drainage and fence repairs district wide, $69,365.40, for a total of $404,539.12. That leaves a balance of $76,369.60.

Approval was granted unanimously.

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