School Board Chooses Not to Pursue New SAU Building

At last Monday’s Town Council meeting, Robert Slater presented the Council with a new opportunity to help the school district acquire a new building for their employees. The Town Council approved of Slater’s presentation and left an open invitation for the School Board to work with them to get a new SAU building at a cost that would benefit everyone, include the Londonderry taxpayer.

School Board liaison Steve Young relayed this information to his fellow Board members at their recent meeting.

Young did share a difference of opinion on the matter regarding leasing the new SAU offices.  According to Slater, if the School Board were to see this presentation, they may reconsider their position on the matter.

As Chairman of Board, Jenn Ganem gave her statement on the ongoing matter. “The plan was presented to us after we had the public hearing, after we had signed the lease and our rationale really has been simple, which is to focus our attention on the students’ needs and determine the most effective ways to handle the increasing enrollment at Moose Hill. I also think that we do work with the Town on a great many things. The school district provides the facilities for elections and the custodial staff to set up and clean-up afterwards. We provide equipment facilities and grounds people for Old Home Day, the Veteran’s Day Breakfast, and our high school gym is the shelter for emergencies,” she said. “The Town does provide the three SROs (School Resource Officer) to the schools, for which we are very grateful. I appreciate that the Town is willing to have a conversation and I think it is a matter of timing. We are going to move forward at this point, which is what we voted for.” Ganem did feel that the presentation is worthwhile taking a look at, but the timing is not quite right at the moment. There were also talks at the Council meeting of possibly adding a fourth SRO officer to the district in the future.

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