School Board Get Update on Superintendent Search

By Alex Malm

At a recent School Board meeting, on Oct. 18, the Board received an update regarding the district’s search for its next permanent superintendent.
During their previous meeting, the School Board decided to begin their search for a permanent superintendent once again.
School Board Chair, Amy Finamore, said she had a discussion with Human Resources Director, Cindy McMahon, regarding the preliminary schedule for their superintendent search committee.
She added that the posting for the job will be closing on Nov. 8.
“We were thinking Thursday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. we would have our first meeting,” said Finamore.
Finamore stated for the first meeting they were thinking it would be for about an hour and would mostly just be an overview of what the process would be.
The second meeting would be the following Friday on Nov. 18 at 4 p.m. in order to discuss the different applications they receive.
“That would be to go over the applications,” said Finamore.
After that, Finamore said they would schedule the short and the long interviews with applicants they choose from.
During the Superintendent report Acting Superintendent, Dan Black, said they were told by Convenient MD they could provide covid testing for those who are interested.
“The state is still funding free covid tests for students and staff,” said Black.
Black explained it would be totally optional and they wouldn’t need to use any of their own staff.
“They’re able to work with us with their staff year. We have no staff that would be committed towards it,” said Black.
Black said they were told that if they had 25 to 40 people at any given school interested in participating in the program then they would come on site to do it.
“If there is not a lot of interest then they wouldn’t have the program,” said Black.
He told the School Board they would put out the information to staff and parents to see if there is any interest in the program.
In other liaison reports, School Board Vice Chair, Sara Loughlin, gave the school board an update regarding the communications committee, which met the previous day.
“A lot of information has been shared out over the past month, which includes information about Alice training, senior expo outreach, fliers in the parents site, and many more,” said Loughlin.
Loughlin said another thing the committee has done was discussed Facebook rules for the school district’s page. She added that they are also looking at next steps, which includes creating a building staff directory.
She said the committee decided to meet bi monthly and their next meeting would be in December.
The next School Board meeting is slated to take place on Nov. 22, which is when the School Board is expected to be presented with the proposed budget.

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