School Board Honors Local Scholastic Awards Recipients

Back on May 5, Scott Laliberte attended the Loyal Day and Scholastic Awards Ceremony held at the VFW Hudson Memorial Post & Auxiliary which was done to honor citizens, students, educators and others who helped to make significant contributions to their communities.  However, the School Board felt that they too needed to pay tribute to some of these individuals.

During the May 16 Londonderry School Board meeting, Laliberte took some time to commend and reward several members of the Londonderry community who were also at the Hudson ceremony in the board’s own fashion.

For starters, middle school student Ethan Labbe was honored for taking first place in the Patriots Pen essay contest.  Writing an essay entitled “The America I Believe In”, Laliberte noted that he was too shy to recite it in front of the crowd, but was none the less given a small gift for his accomplishment.

Susan Rowe was next to be honored, this time by LMS Principal Richard Zacchilli.  A Physical Education teacher for LMS, she has been the driving force behind the LMS Wellness Committee for the last twelve years, as well as the annual Wellness Day and Wellness Auction.  Zacchilli noted that “Susan has and continues to make a significant impact on our school community.”

Rowe also began a co-ed volleyball team at LMS and worked with the Wreaths Across America program, on top of producing handmade items for the needy and donating to veterans organizations charities throughout the year.  Laliberte awarded Rowe with a fruit basket for her efforts.

When asked about how she felt about the award, Rowe noted that “It’s a super honor.”  However, she noted that she does not do what she does for the recognition, but rather keeping the students aware of how important fitness is to them.

Finally, Susan Parace was focused on.  Serving as a Special Education Assistant, she works closely with both students and the teachers of Special Education classes to promote the values of the program and the school-wide goals of perseverance, ownership and practice.  She is also responsible for a morning homework support group, where Parace typically provides the students with a breakfast snack, sometimes even producing pancake or chocolates.

After also being awarded with a fruit basket, Parace thanked the audience and said that she would not be able to do her job without the support the school staff provides her every day.

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