School Board OKs Charter Change to Rid Quorum Language

The School Board approved with a 4-0 vote an amendment to the charter for official ballot voting that removes the quorum requirement.

If adopted, the charter amendment would remove the quorum requirement restricting the authority of voters at the first session of the Annual Meeting to amend the warrant articles to meetings where a quorum of voters is present.

“The amendment is really at the request of Attorney (Gordon) Graham to bring the charter up-to-date where it references a quorum,” Business Administrator Peter Curro told the Board at its Aug. 4 meeting. “That was struck down by the Court a couple years ago.”

The School District now operates without a required quorum at the first session of the Annual Meeting.

A charter commission wasn’t necessary for the changes as they are so minor, according to Curro.

Several sections in the charter are to be amended to successfully remove the quorum requirement, including the following:

• Delete Section IV.C, which reads, “’Quorum of the meeting’ shall mean 4 percent of registered voters or 500 voters, whichever is less, at the first session of an annual or special meeting.’”

• Delete the last sentence of Section VI.A.2, which reads, “A quorum of the meeting will not be required to make such an amendment.”

• Delete in Section VII.B.1 the sentence that reads, “Regardless of whether a quorum of the meeting is present at the meeting;” and delete Section VII.B.2, which reads, “In order for the meeting to amend any warrant article, including the operating budget, a quorum of the meeting must vote and a majority of those voting must vote in the affirmative on said amendment to the warrant article.”

With Board approval, a copy of a preliminary report relative to the charter amendment is to be submitted to the Secretary of State, Attorney General and Commissioner of the Department of Revenue Administration.

The three agencies are to review the proposed charter change within 45 days of receiving the report to ensure it is consistent with State laws.

Once the District receives the agencies’ report approving or disapproving the proposed charter amendment, the amendment may be submitted to the voters, following a public hearing.

The public hearing must be noticed in a newspaper having general circulation in Londonderry at least seven days prior to the hearing, with the text of the proposed amendment and a brief explanation.

A copy of the amendment must also be published seven days prior to the hearing.

Curro said the amendment is available on the District’s website at

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