School Board to Review Proposed Co-Curricular Code of Conduct

The Londonderry School Board will be reviewing proposed changes in the Londonderry High School Co-Curricular Code of Conduct, also known as Life of a Lancer.

Assistant Superintendent of Schools Andy Corey said that about 11 months ago, a committee was formed that was headed by LHS Principal Jason Parent, and included Athletic Director Howard Sobolov, Corey, School Board member John Laferriere, several coaches and Music Director Andy Soucy.

“We were working on adapting a program called Life of An Athlete to meet the needs of LHS students,” Corey said at the School Board’s Tuesday, June 3 meeting. “This will be for all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The program focuses on making healthy choices.”

Corey said that along with the faculty members on the committee, students from the athletic council of the school, including captains and co-captains of athletic teams, and representatives of every club and organization at the high school participated in the creation of the document, which is in its 11th draft.

A more extensive presentation on the document is slated for the board’s June 1 meeting, and will include amendments to the alcohol and drug use portions of the policy.

Laferriere said that Life of an Athlete deals with the “infrequent issues” that occur and how to address them and re-integrate the offender onto a team or club. He said an infraction does not have to be at school; the athlete or club member can be punished for offences off campus, and that even though an athlete would not be allowed to play, he or she could still try out and practice, “until they serve their sentence, so to speak.”

As sports start up during the summer, the policy adoption is time sensitive, he noted.

The board decided to hold its usual three readings of the policy over its next three meetings, although holding just two readings was suggested.

“We would like to have it in force before band camp,” Corey said.

Chairman Leitha Reilly said they would have enough time to hold three readings if they started when Parent and Sobolov give their presentation on June 17.

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