School Board Selects Its Reopening Task Force

By Chris Paul

Plans are underway for the reopening of Londonderry schools for the 2021-22 school year, and part of that plan for the school district is to choose members for the Reopening Plan Task Force Committee.
On Tuesday night, July 6, the Londonderry School Board held a special meeting for members to make their recommendations for that committee.
There was no public comment taken at the meeting, and candidates were chosen from those who had submitted their names to the district.
School Board Chairman Michael Saucier started by explaining the three charges that would be expected by the committee.
One, to study the current reopening plans and recommends elements of that plan that should be used in the upcoming school year.
Two, would be to recommend safety measures that should be added to the existing plan and three, to assist the school board and the school district staff with the establishment of standards for conditions under which altering of operations should public health concerns make that necessary in the coming years.
Saucier went on to explain that the a call went out for candidates for this task force and applications were accepted for about five to six days and they received a total of 89 applicants for the 15 members that will be appointed.
There were a number of recommendations made by the superintendent’s office, and those choices were shared with the school board through email, but members were free to choose whomever they wished.
The first order of business for the school board was to decide whether or not to appoint the chairman of the committee. Members decided to let the committee decide that when they have their first meeting.
The group then chose Bob Slater as their liaison for the committee.
The new committee was broken down into three categories. One was for seven parents, another for five school staff and the third will be for three community at large positions.
Each of the school board members were asked to give the nominations for the committee and by the end of the special meeting, 14 members were chosen.
Those members are: Chad Franz, Caroline Edwards, Donna Traynham, Lindsay Haarlander, Kaylie Matos-Stewart, Tim Porter, Regan Sochanek, Amy Bahan, Brian Costigan, Kim Lindley-Soucy, Jennifer LaBranche, Kelly Douglas, James Green, George Herrmann and Danielle Richards.
Four Alternate seats were also appointed, those were: Sharon Barker (Community), Katie Miller (Staff), Tiffany Blessing-Gagnon (Parent) and Tracy Ramshaw (Parent).
The first meeting of the newly formed committee was scheduled for Tuesday, July 13, after the Londonderry Times went to press, the task force was expected to name the Chairman, Vice Chair and Secretary and also take public comment.
The committee was also expected to review the charge of the committee, review the existing Reopening plan, discuss goals and decide on the dates and times of future meetings

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