School Board Talks About Cyber Security Upgrades

By Kait Bedell

The School District met on Dec. 21 to discuss several items on the agenda.

The Budget Committee as well as the School Board continued their conversation from the Dec. 14 meeting about the 2022 school budget.

During the meeting, the district discussed several factors in the budget including dining services, the IT department, buildings and grounds, the district office, and the estimated revenue from the school.

Dining Services Director Amanda Venazia first came before the two boards to discuss the proposed budget for the dining services.

The IT department discussed the possibility of implementing new security measures within the school districts. This may include a “panic button” in each classroom which would work in unison with the police department and the school officers.

At the latest Town Council meeting on Dec. 20, the council discussed working with the schools, the fire department, and the police department to strengthen security within public buildings as well as cyber information. The conversation from this meeting was brought up during public comment.

Although it is still in the early stages of planning, the School Board said this is something they are working on and will be placing a priority on.

“This will get us where we need to be and where we want to be,” one speaker said. “I want to make it clear we have building security in place and we’re okay with what we have but we haven’t done any improvement the last couple years.”

The speaker on behalf of the board also said that the school has been in contact with the police department drafting different potential plans.

“They are ecstatic with the position we want to go and if this article passes, we would be working with them night and day to hook up and get what we think would be a better system,” he said.

The board talked about buildings and grounds as well as the district office. Bob Slater asked the board how they could bring in more money.

The board discussed Hooksett kids and their role. The board talked about how they think Hooksett kids coming to Londonderry has been a source of revenue.

During the meeting, Superintendent Scott Laliberte gave a statement of gratitude towards the board as he has dealt with family issues in recent weeks.

“I did want to just take a moment to thank the board, budget committee for indulging the absence the last couple of weeks,” Laliberte said.

Laliberte’s statement comes following his retirement announcement at the last meeting as well as the passing of his mother.

“It’s been a rough couple of weeks in my family and to have the ability in a job like this to be able to step away and attend to that is something that I can’t overstate,” Laliberte said. “Also, incredibly grateful to our administrative team who kept things rolling in a seamless way.”

The next School Board meeting is scheduled to take place on Jan. 6 at 7:00 p.m. Those who wish to attend can go to the high school cafeteria or can watch online at the cable access center channel.

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