School Bus Stop To Remain Unchanged on Berlang Road

The School District will not move a bus stop on Berlang Road, in spite of a parent’s request that it do so.

School District Business Administrator Peter Curro explained to the School Board at its Tuesday, April 1 meeting, that he had been to Berlang Road because of requests to have the bus stop changed.

“If you drive down Wiley Hill Road going west, Berlang is on the left, 50 yards before West Road,” he said, noting it is a cul-de-sac with about eight houses.

He said the parent contacted him last August. Curro and Assistant Superintendent of Schools Andy Corey went to the site and met with three parents.

The elementary bus stop is at the corner of Berlang and Wiley Hill, and the kindergarten bus drops students at their houses. Both of those buses arrived at the same time. “We made an arrangement with the kindergarten bus to widen the gap so the parents could walk to the corner (to meet the elementary bus) and still have time for the kindergarten students,” Curro said.

Curro said he visited the bus stop three or four times. “I was there and took notes during the months of September and October and I hadn’t heard anything in December and thought I was done with this, so I deleted them,” he said. “If I remember correctly, I counted about 10 or 15 cars in a period of about 20 to 25 minutes.”

Curro said that all three times he visited, he saw two or three students and two or three parents, with everyone standing 10 to 15 feet onto Berlang Road. “The bus stopped and students boarded the bus,” he said. “All three times there was at least two parents there with the children.

“My recommendation is that this is not a safety issue,” he said of the request. “I saw the amount of cars and I didn’t see any speeding.”

Curro said the bus doors open on Berlang Road, as the district did not want students crossing Wiley Hill Road.

School Board Chairman Leitha Reilly asked if there were any other obstructions.

“She mentioned that there is a curve about 20 yards west and I looked at it and I could see the corner of Berlang Road and there are no trees.” Curro said.

Board member Steve Young said he thinks the sight distance is adequate.

Board member John Laferriere asked if there were any other stops on that area of Wiley Hill and Curro said there were none.

Superintendent Nathan Greenberg said the recommendation was to leave the stop where it is, and that no action of the board is needed

Reilly asked for a consensus of the board, and it was to leave the stop unchanged.

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