School District CFO Peter Curro Retiring This Year

By Alex Malm

During the Tuesday Feb. 15, School Board meeting it was announced that the longtime Business Administrator Peter Curro is expected to retire at the end of the school year, and members need pick someone to serve on the Business Administrator/CFO Search Committee.

Superintendent Scott Laliberte said that they are hoping to begin the search for the next Business Administrator soon.

“We know we can’t wait much longer to search for our next CFO,” said Laliberte.

Laliberte, who is also retiring, said that the Superintendent search is “well underway,” and said that they are going to overlap the two searches.

“The hope would be that there would be a successful candidate for the Superintendency who would be able to join in the tail end of that process as well,” said Laliberte.

Laliberte said like they have done in the past they wanted to have two School Board members serving on the search committee.

“We would love to have board representation,” said Laliberte.

School Board members Bob Slater and School Board Vice Chair Sara Loughlin volunteered to serve on the committee which the Board approved of.

In other business, the School Board got a COVID-19 update from Laliberte.

It was explained by Laliberte that the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased tremendously over the last few weeks. At the time of the meeting they only had 15 active cases according to Laliberte.

He said that they made the transition to optional masking and said that it has been going well.

“It appears to be holding up very well,” said Laliberte.

Also during the meeting the School Board accepted a number of retirements.

They included Denise Bernier a teacher at Londonderry Middle School, Calvin Berting, a teacher at Londonderry High School, Linda Boyd, the Principal at South School, Laura Brulet, a teacher at Moose Hill, Maria Del Rossi a teacher at South School, Paula Duyon a teacher at Moose Hill, Sheila Howley a school nurse at Londonderry High School, Aline Kelly a SPED Assistant at Moose Hill, Susan Provenzano a teacher at Londonderry High School, Nancy Rael a teacher at North School, and Kate Thompson a Librarian at North School.

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