School District Looking to Bring Transparency Back

By Alex Malm

The School District is bringing information about their committees online in order to inform the public more. Interim Superintendent, Dan Black, explained they are hoping to have more transparency when it comes to the work that different committees are doing.
“Since last spring, our leadership team has been working to get school back to normal. Looking at the current state of our schools, that effort has largely paid off,” said Black. “We know getting back to normal also means making sure all of the normal functions of a school system are running properly.”
Black said the COVID 19 pandemic disrupted a lot of their systems and they are still working to get operations back to normal.
“One of those systems is making sure the community can follow along with any committee work that happens for the School Board and School District,” said Black. “We admit that many of the paperwork and posting requirements for our committees were not as consistent over the last couple of years as they should have been. We have begun rectifying this so the community can follow along with the ongoing and timely work of our various committees.”
Black added that they hope to be able to connect with the community on as many issues as possible.
“We are here to engage with the community on the many issues that surface through this committee work; we know progress comes from dialogue with the community and transparency,” said Black. ” Please reach out to us with any further questions and needs.
One of the committees includes the “C3 Committee”, that meets about six times a year. The focus includes curriculum, technology, and special education topics that are discussed first in C3 before they are brought to the board.
Another committee is the “communications committee” with a focus on maintaining all current communication initiatives and to look at building best practices to communicate with the community.
A newly formed committee is the kindergarten committee that will be meeting every three to four weeks during the school year. The goal is to get feedback on full day kindergarten.
One committee that the district currently has is a superintendent search committee which has a goal of hiring the permanent superintendent for the school district.
The school district also has the facilities study committee, which currently doesn’t have a charge from the school board and the wellness committee, which meets three times a year. The wellness committee is a federally mandated committee that they need to have as part of the school lunch program.
Full details about the different committees including contact information for the committees can be found on the Londonderry school district website.

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