School District Receives $4,866 Bosch Grant for ‘Flipped Learning’

The school district has applied for and received a grant of $4,866 from Bosch Industries in Londonderry that will be used to purchase iPads, iPad covers and an Apple TV device to help with a flipped learning pre-algebra classes.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Schools Any Corey, flipped learning is a technology-driven teaching method because it “flips” the model of classroom lecture and exercises for homework – the lecture becomes the homework and class time is for practice.

“The grant will allow Londonderry High School to purchase 12 iPads, the appropriate covers and an Apple TV device which will be utilized to accelerate a specific group of pre-algebra students,” Corey told the School Board at its Tuesday, June 3 meeting. “I am hopeful that the board will accept the grant money to implement the Flipped Learning Pre-Algebra Class for the upcoming school year.”

Corey said the grant will not affect staffing, as the classes and staff will exist with or without the electronic devices.

“We believe this is something that goes along with our college and career readiness goal because we have been able to identify through data some students who could be best served by this model of flipped learning, by utilizing already developed Algebra I and Pre-Algebra flipped learning videos,” he explained, adding that they will be looking at whether flipped learning is a direction to use for students who typically don’t learn in a traditional setting.

Board member Steve Young asked if the grant included repairs.

“We have in our IT (information technology) department someone who is now certified in iPad repair so we don’t pay those costs, it’s all done internally,” Corey responded. “I think we’ve only had two or three iPads over the past few years that have been damaged, and I must say that those have come from adults, not the kids.”

The board unanimously approved accepting the grant.

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