Scout-Led Renovations Make Grange Hall Available for Rental

With local Eagle Scouts having completed renovations that restored the Londonderry Grange Hall’s kitchen and bathrooms, the community center is now available for rental.

“This is a great opportunity to give back to the community,” said Bill Perry, building manager for the Grange. “Several other granges out there throughout the state are working to revitalize their halls as well, so we can have various community centers to meet at.”

Perry said preserving Londonderry’s Grange Hall is important to preserving the Town’s heritage, and noted it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the young men in the town’s Scout program and their parents, who have focused their efforts on revitalizing the Grange.

In the fall and spring, the Scouts spend hours cleaning up the grounds, raking leaves and completing other maintenance work; many of the Scouts have chosen to focus their Eagle Scout projects on improving the hall as well.

Perry’s older son, Andrew Perry, brought running water to the Grange in 2012, and the project was the catalyst for the troop’s ongoing efforts to improve the hall.

Following his brother, Thomas Perry, an assistant scoutmaster, renovated the two bathrooms in the Grange.

He ripped out layers of tiling as well as the floor and subfloor; installed new floors and tiling; installed new toilets; and added a fresh coat of paint and tiling to the walls.

Other improvements the troop has completed include Eagle Scout Matthew Nutt’s kitchen renovation, Eagle Scout Jack McCullough’s installation of new windows on the left side of the building, repairs to the wheelchair ramp at the rear of the building, new railings at the front entrance and new storage shelves in the basement.

Next in line to make Eagle, Zach Herrera is in the process of re-purposing two closets at the front of the hall, re-organizing one for storage and converting the other to a small conference area where the scouts will be able to hold one-on-one meetings and interviews.

With a new kitchen, working bathrooms and a space that can accommodate 75 people, Perry said the hall has generated interest for bridal showers and even a wedding reception.

Because alcohol is restricted on the property, Perry said members of the Grange are discussing the potential to permit wedding receptions with alcohol if the renter purchases a rider on their insurance policy to cover associated liabilities.

Donations are accepted for renting the Grange – Perry said the maximum donation is $100, and generally parties that rent the space for small functions donate $75.

“The moneys we generate from rentals are used to keep the building alive and active,” said Perry, noting the building’s rich history.

The hall would be best used for small events, such as baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties and small concerts.

“We’re trying to keep it simple. Small concerts could work – the acoustics in there are incredible,” Perry said.

Anyone who is interested in taking a tour of the Grange Hall may contact Bill Perry at 425-9889, or email Cherylann Pierce at for a rental agreement.

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