Senior Resources Committee Prepared for Old Home Day

By Paul Conyers

The Londonderry Senior Resources Committee came together for an early August meeting to discuss issues related to upcoming events like Old Home Day and the Londonderry Senior Informational Expo.
Deputy Chief of Police and Committee member, Kim Bernard, found that the Expo has support from several groups, both public and private. Wheelchair van company, Mobility Works, will hold a presentation. Wheelchair ramp provider, Ampramp, also promised to attend. The Londonderry Police Department, Leach Library, and town staff will also be at the Expo. Officials from the NH Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services might also attend, although this is not yet confirmed.
Bernard reported he had emailed the district to coordinate logistical issues with the Londonderry High School to host the event including the “size of the table they need and any electric issues.” The gymnasium has plenty of space, and members believe there will be plenty of room, although the maximum limit to how many people can attend was not determined. Another idea was to print out a map of the school and the event space for Expo vendors.
Members also debated different ways to attract more people to the event through online advertising, physical print-outs, and text messaging. Committee members are still looking for more participants with a deadline of October 3 for anybody who wants to set up a booth.
The Committee intends to have its own booth at the Expo with literature for Londonderry Seniors. This will include pamphlets on fall prevention, lift assist services, and essential contacts.
“Non-profits before the profit people when notifying the population about this event,” stated member, John Wilson, who wanted to make sure non-profits will not be excluded. Several for-profit companies already promised to attend, although there has been no agreement on the ratio of non-profit to for-profit attendees.
The Expo is to be held at Londonderry High School on Oct. 16 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Preparations are underway for Committee preparations during Old Home Day events. They plan on bringing a sign-up sheet for potential Community Caregiver volunteers following the parade.
The Senior Resources Committee is ready for the parade on August 20 as they unveiled a new, completed banner. “I was able to get a really good deal” according to Bernard, who unveiled the blue banner for everyone to see. The only disappointment was the inability to add an apple to the Committee logo due to a lack of space.
The Committee will also have a booth for Old Home Day in the town common after the parade.
The Senior Resources booth will be similar to the one planned for October. Similar literature will be available, along with additional Expo information.
With several upcoming events, the Londonderry Senior Resources Committee will hold meetings every two weeks until November.
The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 6 p.m.

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