Soccer Unification Is a Go For Londonderry Soccer Players

After a back and forth battle between travel and recreational leagues in Londonderry, a compromise has been made between the two organizations. The groups will now come together to form the “Londonderry Soccer Club”. This was approved by the Recreation Commission and Recreation Director Art Psaledas felt this was the best thing they could do for soccer and Londonderry kids. He announced the new unification at the Town Council meeting on Monday April 16. Psaledas tried a few years back to unite the two organizations, but was unsuccessful. With the two groups finally coming together, they have combined their efforts and skills and are working together to train coaches, put on clinics for the kids, and are also working well with the town. This new partnership provides the best of what’s available to the kids of Londonderry and will continue to get better according to Psaledas.

Vice-Chairman for the Town Council Joe Green (who is also a liaison for the Recreation Commission) was happy to hear this finally come to a resolution after many deliberations and thanked everyone involved. From a kid’s point of view, if they are finding the recreational league easy or want to be in a more competitive league, it will be much easier for them to pursue the travel team than it was before. The two groups have also been working together very well according to Psaledas and said this is the best thing to happen for Londonderry soccer.  

For the Town Council’s next meeting on Monday May 7, a public hearing will be taking place in order to make an amendment to an ordinance relating to the approval of sanctioned recreation groups. The public hearing will determine if the following changes will be made to ordinance. For section A1: “A minimum of 60% of the participants are residents of Londonderry and all programs will be available to all age-appropriate Londonderry residents. The participation ratio applies to all players that play within the organization.” Also for section A12: Sanctioned groups may enter into non-financial partnerships with other outside groups for the use of the facilities in order to better promote their sport and improve the quality of the development of the Londonderry players. All facilities use and partnerships will be arranged and managed by the town sanctioned organization with the approval from the Recreation Commission.” A more in-depth discussion will take place at the Town’s Council’s next meeting.

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