St. Jude’s Blue Angels Project Benefit’s Families This Christmas

For over 30 years, Londonderry Resident Kay Doyle has worked with St. Jude Parish in Londonderry to ensure that local families in need don’t go without on Christmas.

Doyle runs the food pantry out of the St. Jude Parish, which is operated by volunteers year-round to provide food for needy families in the community.

The “Christmas Blue Angels” project is a way for the people of Londonderry to give to those who have fallen on hard times to help them make Christmas a little brighter for their families.

Families in need of assistance from the Blue Angels project submit items that their children would like and/or need that holiday, and those requests are written on a “Blue Angel” to be hung on a Christmas tree for potential donors to select from.

The project has benefited many families throughout the years, and has even brought in people from outside of the community who are interested in helping their fellow man.

“We have the most giving town, with the most giving people,” said Doyle. “It’s a pleasure to do this type of work.”

Donors are encouraged to purchase items that parents would enjoy and benefit from, as well, even if they are not written on the Angel, as they most often are not.

“Most mothers will say, ‘Take care of the kids, I’m fine.’” Said Doyle. She added that they would love to be able to give to parents who put their children before themselves.

The Blue Angels project also sends a care package of holiday food along with each set of gifts for the families, including turkey or ham, stuffing, veggies, mashed potatoes, pies, bread mixes, etc. Volunteers work hard to ensure that each family gets what they need, and that the items are high quality.

“We have food sorters…and we sort everything and check all the dates.” Said Doyle.

Donors need not worry about bringing over perishable food items such as fresh hams and vegetables, as the Parish has a cooler to store such items in

Residents interested in lending a helping hand in sorting food items for families are encouraged to stop by the Parish starting December 6th.

“Our doors are open,” said Doyle. “Everyone can come and see all the families helping.”

Blue Angel gifts and food items are being collected until the end of masses on December 3rd and 4th, and no later than December 10th and 11th at the Family Room just inside of the main door of the St. Jude Parish. For more information on the Blue Angels Project and how to contribute, contact Kay Doyle at (603) 434-1827.

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