State Lottery Says Now is a Good Time for KENO Gambling

Does the Town of Londonderry and appropriate businesses want to support Keno 603 gambling? 
KENO 603 is now authorized with games from the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, so the public and businesses have a chance to weigh in on this activity in their communities. After being launched at the beginning of the year, KENO 603 is now available in over 162 locations around NH at the present time.
At the Dec. 3, Town Council meeting, Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Director of Sales and Product Development for KENO 603, promoted the merits of Keno, saying it was good for local businesses and would raise money for schools. 

The Director pointed out that KENO 603 sales of $43.7 million are anticipated in the state, with $8.5 million net revenue earmarked for full-day kindergarten. Current thinking is that Keno 603 will need about 250 businesses with Keno to make this projection though the Lottery Commission is a little behind their goal. The money would be available to the communities for the schools beginning with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018.
John Ferrell, Town Chairman pointed out that last year the NH State Legislature, with a sign off from the Governor, enabled the game of Keno to be rolled out across the state. And that the Lottery Commission would like to invite Londonderry to now participate. The game is for establishments with liquor licenses and it has not been determined yet which businesses in Londonderry might qualify for KENO 603.  
Londonderry residents and business can contact the Town if they have comments or questions about considerations of bringing Keno to Londonderry.
KENO 603 Director Cleland presented that Keno is more than a new kind of fun in NH for game players, it’s also a new way for towns and businesses to profit. For every dollar sold in a KENO 603 game, a business will earn an eight percent sales commission – the highest in the country. A business can also earn additional bonuses by selling tickets with a $10,000 or greater top prize.
The KENO 603 Director pointed out that as Keno sales rise, more customers will be coming to businesses like bars at inns or taverns to play the game, which will also help increase food and beverage sales. So, not only is Keno fun and a way to bring in additional customers, she noted it’s good for your business in terms of revenues.
She said that businesses now supporting KENO 603 are seeing on average, a 10% increase in their typical day-to-day business sales, as a result of Keno driving more people to their doors. It has been noted by the Lottery, that patrons are staying longer and spending more on food and drink.
Licensed businesses are also able to sell all other lottery games along with KENO 603 to get additional commissions from the state lottery.
Several local residents weighed in at the Town Council public hearing at the meeting – to offer comments about Keno gambling. One resident offered concerns about gambling and said those who have gambling problems might not do well if Keno is brought to Londonderry. The KENO 603 Director offered that the state Lottery Commission is allocating $400,000 across the State — targeted to counter problem gambling.
While the NH State Lottery Commission wants Londonderry to consider making KENO 603 available in the town, Londonderry would have to take big steps to make that happen. 
Chairman Farrell pointed out that about 10 years or so ago, the Town took action to assert that legalized gambling in Londonderry was not to be permitted. He also recognized that this action was orchestrated by a different Town Council and not likely to be binding — though clarification should be researched and offered.
Also, Londonderry Kindergarten is only set up for half-day schooling today and KENO 603 guidelines only provide monies for full-time Kindergarten programs, so until Londonderry has full-time schooling at that level, there would be no educational benefits for the Town. Businesses that want to support Keno 603 also need to apply to the lottery commission with a $500 application fee. 
Keno is a numbers game for dreamers who are hoping to get lucky. The chance of winning $1 million by selecting all 12 numbers correctly in a 12-spot game is 1 in 478,261,833. Lottery systems in the United States today report that it’s never been done. Good Luck.