State to Replace Aging Auto Registration System


Sherry Farrell wouldn’t have a 1980s computer system in her home, and she’s glad she won’t have one in her office.

The Londonderry Town Clerk and her staff will place a freeze on new or renewed auto registrations over the President’s Day weekend, beginning Friday, Feb. 17, and resuming Wednesday, Feb. 22.

The interruption of processing will allow the state Department of Motor Vehicles to implement its new VISION computer system for registering vehicles.

Farrell said the current system, IDMS, was established in the 1980s. “It’s time to upgrade, and this will make us more efficient,” she said of the new system.

The new system will make it easier for the state to process driver’s licenses and motor vehicle registrations.

The other functions of Farrell’s office, including marriage licenses, dog registrations, election business and more, will remain in action during the transition period, she said.

Farrell doesn’t anticipate a great inconvenience to Londonderry, noting that the middle of the month is a “quiet time” for auto registrations. And it’s also a holiday weekend, she said, so many residents will be out of town.

For more information, visit the DMV Web site at

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