Summer Break Brings Parents Together to Build Positivity

What started as a post on the Londonderry Moms Facebook page, has now turned into a school-wide endeavor to turm Elementary school bathroom stalls into a place of encouraging messages for young students.

North School PTA member, Jennie Fitzpatrick, had the idea to paint these encouraging messages on the bathroom stall doors at North School over the summer and now Matthew Thornton and South School have parents and staff members doing the same.

All-in-all about 20 parents were involved in the North School effort before school began on Monday, Aug. 27, and about 10 postive messages were painted on stall doors in four of the school’s bathrooms.

Sayings like “Be Awesome Today, Spread Kindness Not Germs – Wash Your Hands” and “You are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem and Smarter Than You Think,” are just a few of messages that will greet students many times over the school year.”

Fitzpatrick noted, “It will be great to start the school year off with some positivity.” while she was putting some finishing touches on the stalls last week.

At Matthew Thornton Elementary School, new Principal Amity Small said that along with the PTA volunteers, professional painters, Brush and Hammer Painting have been designing sayings in all the school’s bathrooms.

Some of the sayings children will find there are “Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today” and “Be Kind.”

The effort goes along with the school district’s overall philosophy of creating a positive learning environment for students.

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