Summer Roadwork Underway

The Londonderry Department of Public Works (DPW) is at work on reconstruction of a section of Litchfield Road, a project that will continue through September. The work will focus on a stretch of Litchfield Road from Misty Lane to High Range Road and will require the periodic closure of the road to through traffic.

Also scheduled for this summer, according to Assistant Director of Public Works and Engineering John Trottier, is the rehabilitation of several town roads. Those roads are State Tree Circle, Finch Circle, Moulton Drive, Grove, Timber (to number 9) Forest (Oakwood to number 65), Evergreen, Hemlock, Spruce, Arrowhead, and Hardy (from Stonehenge to Otterson Road), Trottier said.

He said the work is dependent on weather. “What we do when we rehabilitate a road is to remove the curb and restore the crown of the road by putting a shim coat down,” he said. “Then we put the curbing back and put down an overlay coat. You have to do it during a relatively dry time frame because what curbs do is to direct rainwater to the nearest storm drain. The water runs along that curb and into the drain. When we remove the curb to do the work on the road, we have to go quickly so if it rains, that water can be directed by the curb.”

As a result, planning when each project will begin will be determined by the weather at the time.
Questions regarding the projects and detours should be directed to the DPW at 432-1100, ext. 193.

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