Tesla Looks to Construct Dealership Near Airport

By Alex Malm

One of the agenda items during the July 27 Heritage Commission meeting was in regards to a design review for a site plan to construct a 50,180 square foot building containing offices, sales area, and service bays for a Tesla automobile sales and service facility along with associated site improvements at 36 Industrial Drive.
Jim Petropulos, who was representing the applicant, said the property is in the northwest corner of Londonderry and the 8.3-acre parcel is located in the Gateway Business District, which they received a variance for.
He then devulged that the Tesla automotive company would be the business occupying the facility if all goes to plan.
“It’s intended to be the new home for Tesla,” Petropulos said.
Petropulos said while Tesla is a global company, the one they are looking to build in Londonderry would be the first in New Hampshire.
“This would be the first of such facilities here in NH,” Petropulos said.
In terms of parking for the facility, Petropulos stated that they are proposing to have 305 parking spaces. He noted that the spaces would be some for customers, some for employees, some for storage of vehicles, some for sales, and some for visitors.
In terms of landscaping, Petropulos said the focus is on green space on Industrial Dr., and Pettengill Rd.
He explained that they are proposing to have 166 trees and shrubs planted and would have purple lilacs “baked into the design.”
For the color, Petropulos stated that it is “really the Tesla branding,” noting it would be a combination of light and dark gray and red accent strips in the front.
In terms of signage, Petropulos said they will have a ground sign near the driveway entrance on Industrial Drive, which would be about 90 square feet and would comply with the sign ordinance. He added that they would also have various directional and way finding signs throughout the site.
It was also noted by Petropulos that they would have electric vehicle charging stations in the back left corner of the site for customers, but wasn’t sure if it would be for public use. He added that the hours of operation would be included as part of the site plan process when they go in front of the Planning Board.
Heritage Commission Vice Chair, Art Rugg, thought the proposal was a good design.
“It looks like a good design to me,” Rugg said.
The Heritage Commission recommended that the plan be approved by the Planning Board as submitted with recommendations being that there are plants at the base of the ground sign. It was also recommended to have screening of the rooftop units.
Petropulos said Tesla was looking forward to having a facility in the state.
“They’re excited to hopefully have a new facility here in Londonderry,” Petropulos said.

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