Thin Ice

Just before the warmer weather melted away their training ground, members of Londonderry Fire Battalion Four conducted ice rescue training at the pond in Century Village on Tuesday, March 15. It was learning experience for the departments new Probationary Firefighters, and a review for the experienced firefighters. The crews practice making simulated rescues and took turns as rescuers and victims. Two of the department firefighters, Mathew Pulomena and Justin Hinds had recently attended Ice Rescue Technician course at the New Hampshire Fire Academy. They helped coach our new firefighters, and brought back the latest information and techniques for the group. With more of our residents taking part popular activities on ice such as skating, fishing, snowmobiling, and skiing, calls for firefighters to respond more frequently to ice-related emergencies. Firefighters must understand ice characteristics, its strengths, weaknesses, and how hypothermia can affect both the rescuer and the victim. Firefighters must also have the capacity to rescue themselves as well as others to insure they have confidence in this ability to successfully complete ice rescue.

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