Thirteen Seek Seven State Representative Seats in Town Haley Paton Dufour

Seven Republicans and six Democrats are competing in the Nov. 8 election for seven open seats in House of Representatives Rockingham County District 5, covering Londonderry.

All the candidates were asked the following question: “Given the national uproar over the Presidential race, what in your opinion should be your most important contribution to your district?”

Al Baldasaro


Age: 59

Years in Town: 16

Previous political office: Five-term State Representative, former chairman of State-Federal Relations and Veteran Affairs Committee

Answer: I will continue to be a loud voice who stands up for our Constitution and defends our school funding, elderly, veterans, and those in need. I will continue to support many laws dealing with liberty, preventing new burdensome regulations, protecting our Constitutional rights including the Second Amendment. I voted against every bill that would have increased your taxes.

Martin Bove


Age: 67

Years in Town: 23

Previous political office: State Representative 1993–1994, Londonderry Town Council 2000 – 2009

Answer: Regardless of who wins on the national level, we as state representatives need to focus on local issues that we can influence. We need to work hard to reduce taxes, champion family values and local control of education, encourage economic growth and job creation and support services for veterans and seniors.

Ted Combes


Age: 29

Years in Town: 25

Previous political office: Elected to Londonderry Budget Committee, chairman for two years; Planning Board Alternate; Master Plan Committee Chairman

Answer: The most important contribution I would want to make to our district is funding for infrastructure for Londonderry highways and bridges, as well other roadways across the state. I would also like to see passage of Passenger Rail come to New Hampshire, to alleviate traffic on the highways and to reduce maintenance costs on the highways.

David Lundgren


Age: 64

Years in Town: 39

Previous political office: State Representative

Answer: We have two choices; it depends which way you want the country to go. Two totally different candidates. My contribution to the district is simple. What will be good for Londonderry is my main concern. Serving on the Veterans Committee at the state level is an honor and is what I will continue to work hard for.

Betsy McKinney


Age: 77

Years in Town: 72

Previous political office: Town Treasurer, Budget Committee, Trustee of the Trust Funds, Charter Commission and Library Trustee; Constitutional Convention, County Executive Committee Chair, and State Representative

Answer: I would like to see some of the monies we had to take away from the towns during the lean years paid back. The State should start picking up some of the promised 35 percent of retirement employer costs and the Highway Fund should only be used for repairs to bridges and roads; both would directly benefit taxpayers.

Sherman Packard

Age: 67


Years in District: 43

Previous political office: 26 years in the State House of Representatives, now in his 14th term.

Answer: The most important duty we have as State Representatives is to uphold the United States and State Constitutions. Next we need to do everything possible to keep taxes low, help the community with job creation by further reducing business taxes and reduce crippling regulations that prevent business expansion.

Alexander Rego


Age: 19

Years in Town: 18

Previous political office: None

Answer: My greatest contribution to this district is my knowledge of its citizens. The issues that are important to the people of Londonderry are the issues that are important to me, such as the heroin epidemic.  

Bob Rimol


Age: 53

Years in Town: 22

Previous political office: None

Answer: The national uproar over the Presidential race heightens the fact our government has hit an all-time low in accountability. It is more important than ever for each state to succeed. I want to help make the State of New Hampshire a better place for residents to live, work and raise a family. 

Paul Skudlarek


Did not respond

Robin Skudlarek


Did not respond

Doug Thomas


Age: 66

Years in Town: 11

Previous political office: Serving first term as State Representative on House Science, Technology and Energy Committee

Answer: Supported legislation to keep taxes and fees low, such as the balanced budget, and rejecting unsustainable programs that would threaten an income or sales tax. In town, I was most proud to help several residents resolve or mitigate issues facing them.

Gary Vermillion


Age: 54

Years in Town: 13

Previous Political Office: Second term on Londonderry Budget Committee

Answer: As part of a new Londonderry delegation to keep our property taxes low by having the state provide adequate funding for our schools without a sales or income tax. We need a way to find more revenue for our state by having licensed contractors. We also need to raise the minimum wage.

Anne Warner


Age: 73

Years in Town: 34

Previous political office: Supervisor of the Checklist

Answer: I think the best thing I can do about the uproarious Presidential race is to ignore it. If I am elected to serve Londonderry, I want to serve the entire town. I have experience in environmental policy and regulation, but I will be guided by the needs of Londonderry’s citizens.

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