Town Council Appoint Allison Parsons as the Tax Collector

One of the agenda items during the March 18 Town Council meeting was to appoint the Tax Collector for the year. This year the town chose Allison Parsons.
“We annually, as the Council knows, appoint a Tax Collector that’s required by statute,” Town Manager, Mike Malaguti, said.
During the public comment portion of the meeting, before the Town Council discussed the matter, Richard Bielinski Jr. asked how many hours a week they work, asked about the total compensation since they get insurance and retirement, and questioned why it took so long for his check for his tax bill to be deposited.
He said for example when he dropped off his tax bill check on July 5, it didn’t get deposited until July 24, saying he was concerned that the town lost out on interest from it.
“Why, why is this taking so long,” Bielinski said.
Malaguti explained they have to enter into an agreement, and the agreement has “not substantially changed” to his knowledge since he has been with the town.
“The agreement is customary as far as [appointed] officials serving in these types of roles are concerned, it is an agreement that reflects the significant responsibility that appointed officials have,” he said.
Malaguti said it is appropriate and customary, regarding the terms of the contract.
He also noted that they have been working on not having delays in when the checks are deposited.
“I think we have done a pretty good job at that,” Malaguti said.
It was also noted by Malaguti that he has no concerns with the Tax Collector working enough hours.
“The Tax Collector is one of the hardest working people in the building,” Malaguti said.
The Town Council unanimously approved Allison Parsons to be reappointed as Tax Collector with a salary of $73,916.44.
Also during the meeting, Malaguti said they needed to make an appointment for the Deputy Town Clerk, which they do periodically, similar to the tax collector position.
He explained that the appointment comes from the Town Clerk with the approval of the Town Council.
“This evening the Town Clerk has appointed Allison Parsons to be the Deputy Town Clerk,” Malaguti said.
He noted they would be returning to a model they have had in the past, with Parsons as both the Deputy Town Clerk and Tax Collector.
According to the Town’s website, Christie Campbell was serving in that role.
The Town Council unanimously approved making Parsons the Deputy Clerk.

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