Town Council Approve Road Work & Elderly Tax Exemption

By Alex Malm

One of the agenda items during the May 15 Town Council meeting was in regards to a request to spend money from the Roadway Maintenance Trust Fund.
Director of Engineering and Environmental Services, John Trotter, explained that in April they put out a bid for improvements to the Grenier Field Road signal.
“It’s the brains of any signalized intersection,” said Trottier.
He explained that it was installed in 2001 and was put in just prior to all the roadway improvements near the airport.
Trottier said it was constructed and paid for by the airport.
“It was a backup cabinet that they had,” Trottier said.
Trottier stated that they got nearly 25 years out of use from it.
“It’s just time,” Trottier said.
Trottier said they received bids from three different vendors ranging in prices from around $31,000 to $78,000.
Trottier said they were looking to issue the bid to East Coast Signals, which was the lowest bidder. He added that they were looking for $35,000 in case of contingencies in case of any overruns.
“So 10% for contingencies basically,” Town Councilor, Ted Combes, said.
The Town Council approved the funding request.
Also during the meeting, the Town Council heard from Tax Assessor, Steve Hamilton, regarding a proposal to increase the income limits for those who can be eligible to receive the elderly tax exemption.
Hamilton said previously that the current single person maximum income to earn a tax exemption is $40,000 in town, but the CPI adjusted amount is $48,002. The SSI COLA adjusted amount is $48,348.
For a married couple, the current exemption level is $50,300, while it’s $59,203 for the CPI amount and $59,606 for the SSI COLA adjustment.
During the May 15 meeting, Hamilton said they were proposing to increase the limits to $48,400 for a single person or a widow and to $59,600 for married couples.
“That’s what I brought forward,” Hamilton said.
In addition to the income limits, Hamilton also proposed increasing the asset limits. Hamilton said previously that the asset limit in town is $137,000 compared to the CPI adjusted amount of $161,249 and $162, 345 for the SSI COLA adjustment.
He proposed changing the asset limit to $162,300, excluding the residence.
The Town Council ultimately approved the increases.
The next Town Council meeting is slated to take place on June 5 at 7 p.m.

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