Town Council Approves Contract to Buy New Recycling Bins

The Town Council has approved a contract with Schaefer Systems to provide recycling carts to Londonderry households in advance of the Town’s new bi-weekly recycling program, which is to kick off in July.

Schaefer Systems submitted the lowest bid of $401,625 for 8,500, 96-gallon recycling bins at a cost of $47.25 per unit; and $11,556 for 300, 35-gallon wheeled cart bins at a cost of $38.52 per unit.

The total cost of purchasing the new bins is $413,181, to be paid from the Reclamation Trust Fund.

Public Works Director Janusz Czyzowski said he anticipates the Town will increase their collection of recyclables, despite the shift to bi-weekly collections, as the volume of the new bins is substantially larger than that of the bins residents were previously using to collect recyclables.

Residents who want an additional bin for collecting recyclables may purchase one from the Town at the same unit price the Town paid. Households of more than six people will receive an additional bin free if requested.

Chairman John Farrell asked town staff to consider opening the Town’s Drop-Off Center sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

In other business at the Monday night Council meeting:

• The Council approved the expenditure of $2,400 from the Reclamation Trust Fund for improvements to the Town’s Drop-Off Center.

The addition of a mobile storage container for collecting electronic recyclable material at the Drop-Off Center will provide for the proper recycling and reclamation of wastes and has been identified as a need in the Town’s Capital Improvement Program CIP), according to Czyzowski.

The Town’s Drop-Off Center opened last weekend and will remain open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., weather permitting, until Nov. 19, when the Center will close for the season.

Payment for drop-offs is accepted by check only.

Czyzowski said the first day of operation went smoothly.

• The Council approved the expenditure of $1,960 from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund for winter maintenance at Town Hall, the Leach Library and the Cable Access Center ($1,045); as well as for drainage and swale maintenance behind the Londonderry Police Station parking area ($915).

• The Council appointed Jay Hooley to the Joint Negotiating Committee with a 5-0 vote.

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