Town Council Approves Expenditures

The Town Council approved a variety of expenditure requests Monday night.
Police Chief William Hart requested $5,031.44 for a computer for a police department cruiser. Hart said that several weeks ago he had come before the council to purchase the 17th cruiser for the department’s fleet.
“This is the computer for that car,” he said. “It was part of the bid process when we initially bought the cars. We went to three-plus companies and this was both the best value and the best price. We simply went back to that company since we wanted consistency across the board with computers.”

The Council approved the expenditure unanimously.
Fire Chief Darren O’Brien presented an expenditure request for $7,058.37 for equipment for a new fire pumper that will be arriving at the end of February or early March.
He said the equipment went out to bid with three vendors, and the expenditure will come from the Fire Department Equipment Reserve Fund for nozzles, adapters, lights and a water gun.
The expenditure was approved unanimously.
O’Brien also requested an expenditure from the Fire Equipment Reserve Fund for $12,585.80 for the purchase of six G-Extreme pants and jackets, Scotchlite lettering, snaps for patch, rappelling harness loops, patches and protective clothing. That expenditure also passed unanimously.
Town Manager Kevin Smith requested an expenditure from the Expendable Maintenance trust Fund of $5,705 for repairs and improvements. The money covers: winter maintenance (shoveling, plowing, parking lot treatments at town hall, the police department, library and cable access building, and is for labor and materials for snow removal at a cost of $435); an additional combined shower and laundry room for the second floor at the Central Fire Station, which covers electrical and plumbing for a cost of $625; a back-flow device for Central Fire Station at $2,255; a trap primer for the North Fire Station at $649; and circulation pumps at the North Fire Station at $1,741.
Administrative Support Coordinator Steve Cotton said a hot water pump that had recently been installed by SAM Mechanical had failed and the company was informed of the department’s displeasure. As a result, SAM Mechanical reduced the labor for the overtime on the work from 12 hours to eight hours of standard time, and one of the pumps was replaced at no charge for both labor and pump.
The expenditures were approved unanimously.

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