Town Council Approves Two Zoning Changes Made

By Alex Malm

During the March 28 Londonderry Town Council meeting two different zoning amendments were approved.
The first amendment was to make changes to the Londonderry Zoning Ordinance to correct section references, scriveners errors and organizational updates.
Town Planner Colleen Mailloux said that it was unanimously recommended by the Planning Board that the Town Council approve it.
The second amendment was in regards to portable storage.
Mailloux explained that they previously adopted an amendment regarding regulations for portable storage structures, however the code enforcement department requested the change in order to clarify that the applicants need to state the length of time they plan on having the structure on their property.
“The change is relatively small in nature,” said Mailloux.
She explained that the Zoning Board of Adjustment ultimately has the authority to regulate the length of time they are on a property for.
The Town Council unanimously approved both of the zoning amendments.
Also during the meeting the Town Council discussed what to do in regards to the landscaping for the site that was supposed to be used for the new School District Office.
It was explained by Town Council Chairman John Farrell that he got a call from School Board member Bob Slater who said that he received the final plans of what the building would’ve looked like if the warrant article was approved. Farrell said that Slater plans on bringing it to the School Board.
The warrant article was for $150,000 to “restore the site of the former School District Office at the Town Hall complex to a safe, landscaped, sightly condition.”
Interim Town Manager Mike Malaguti said that building the School District Building there was contingent on passing both the school district and town ballot.
“They did not get the authority,” said Malaguti.
Farrell said that he thought it seemed like a lot of money to be spent only on landscaping.
Malaguti said that they have the money available until 2025 and didn’t have to spend it right away.
Town Councilor Deb Paul said that she thinks they should clean it up a little bit to make it at least presentable and then see if the building passes next time.
The rest of the Town Council agreed.
In other news the Town Council agreed on their different liaison positions for the next year.
Town Councilor Jim Butler said that he wanted to add the ZBA this year.
Paul, who served in the role for the 2021-2022 year said she was okay with it but wanted to take the Heritage Commission.
Farrell said he wasn’t sure if it would be good or not to have someone sit on both the Planning Board and the Heritage Commission which would be the case if Paul took the Heritage Commission.
“That’s a question not a statement,” said Farrell.
After some conversation it was determined that they would try it out.
“Let’s try it,” said Farrell.
Paul said that she loves the Conservation Commission but because the meetings are on Tuesdays it is difficult for her to make the meetings due to her work schedule. She said that when the meetings were during Zoom she was able to attend them.
Butler said he would take over as the liaison.
Newly elected Town Councilor Chad Franz said that he would serve on the Budget Committee this year as the liaison.
The next Londonderry Town Council meeting is slated for April 11 at 7 p.m.

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