Town Council Approves Water Protection District

By Alex Malm

During the May 23 Town Council meeting one of the agenda items was in regards to a proposed zoning ordinance amendment to add a Groundwater Protection District. The amendment was recommended by the Planning Board.
“The purpose of this ordinance is, in the interest of public health, safety and general welfare, to preserve, maintain and protect from contamination existing and potential groundwater supply areas and to protect surface waters that are fed by groundwater,” the ordinance reads.
The ordinance lays out what the prohibited uses are in the Groundwater Protection District. They include:
A. The development or operation of a solid waste landfill; a snow dump;
E. The development or operation of a wastewater or septage lagoon;
F. The development or operation of a petroleum bulk plant or terminal; G. The development or operation of gasoline stations.
The zoning ordinance amendment also explains what the regulations are for existing non-conforming uses.
“Existing non-conforming uses may continue without expanding or changing to another non-conforming use, but must be in compliance with all applicable state and federal requirements,” the orindnance reads.
Some uses are exempt from the provisions of the ordinance as long as they are in compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal requirements. They include:
A. Any parcel located within the Airport District is exempt from this Groundwater Protection Ordinance;
B. Any private residence is exempt from all Performance Standards;
C. Any business or facility where regulated substances are stored in containers with a capacity of less than five gallons is exempt from Section, Performance Standards, sections E through H;
D. Storage of heating fuels for on-site use or fuels for emergency electric generation, provided that storage tanks are indoors on a concrete floor or have corrosion control, leak detection, and secondary containment in place, is exempt from Performance Standard E;
E. Storage of motor fuel in tanks attached to vehicles and fitted with permanent fuel lines to enable the fuel to be used by that vehicle is exempt from Performance Standards E through H;
F. Storage and use of office supplies is exempt from Performance Standards E through H;
G. Temporary storage of construction materials on a site where they are to be used is exempt from Performance Standards E through H if incorporated within the site development project within six months of their deposit on the site;
H. The sale, transportation, and use of pesticides as defined in RSA 430:29 XXVI are exempt from all provisions of this ordinance;
I. Household hazardous waste collection projects regulated under NH Code of Administrative Rules Env-Hw 401.03(b)(1) and 501.01(b) are exempt from Performance Standards E through H;
J. Underground storage tank systems and aboveground storage tank systems that are in compliance with applicable state rules are exempt from inspections under Section of this ordinance.
The Town Council ultimately approved the zoning amendment.
Also on the agenda was a resolution to approve spending $1.5 million from the “Roadway Maintenance Trust Fund” in order to replace the 96 inch culvert on Harvey Road.
“Only 1.5 million dollars,” Town Council Chairman John Farrell said jokingly.
Farrell said that they have been holding it together with “paper clips and chewing gum for years.”
Director of Engineering and Environmental Services John Trottier said that they are going to reach out to people who will be affected and let them know what is happening.
Trottier said that they hope to get it done during the upcoming construction season.
“It’s been a long time coming,” said Trottier.
The Town Council unanimously approved the resolution.
In other news the Town Council discussed who will be on the Capital Improvement Plan Committee for the year.
Farrell said that Town Councilor Joe Green is interested in doing it this year. Farrell said that he was on it since around 2006.
“I will happily accept my retirement from the CIP after 17 years,” said Farrell.
Town Councilor Deb Paul said that they should consider having an alternative for Green in case he can’t make the meeting.
It was decided to make Town Councilor Chad Franz as an alternate member to the CIP with Green as the full time member.
It was also announced during the meeting by Paul that the Londonderry Green Team is now officially a non profit organization.

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