Town Council Discuss Traffic Issues on “Old” Mammoth Road

By Alex Malm

For years there have been traffic concerns with Mammoth Road, and now the Town Council is ready to look at long term solutions, after being briefed on the situation by Town Manager, Mike Malaguti, during the Nov. 6 meeting.
“There have been concerns on “Old” Mammoth Road about traffic safety speed and related issues dating back decades,” Malaguti said.
Until recently, he said the conversations and discussions were focused at the Traffic Safety Committee meetings and said, “there hasn’t been much done in the way of infrastructure improvements over the years.”
He said it was “clear” that if certain interventions were to be made, they would have to come from the Town Council.
“The time for talking at the Traffic Safety committee was done,” Malaguti said.
Malaguti noted that Public Works recommended double stripping the road, which they did, but he was looking to find out if they want to entertain the idea of investigating it further, and seeing what the best option would be moving forward.
“Is this something that we want to continue to have a conversation about,” he said.
It was also noted by Malaguti that they previously received a petition from people who live in the area, looking to have a gate put in.
The petition states: “We the residents of the area of town commonly referred to as”The Village” do hereby petition the Town of Londonderry to install an electronically controlled gate on Mammoth Rd., at the southern entrance to the 4 way intersection with Page/ Grenier Field road in order to reduce excessive speed through this area which has been the scene of many accidents.”
Malaguti said they have received six additional signatures from other people, and said “that’s what brings us here this evening.”
Town Council Chair, John Farrell, noted that there are a total of 24 households on the petition.
Steve Kelly, who lives at the intersection of Mammoth Rd., and Page Rd., said they have been in their home for 12 years, and have been to the traffic safety committee meetings for nearly a decade making the case for doing something about the road.
“This has been kicked down the road,” he said.
Kelly explained that the biggest problems he sees are people cutting through to get to the airport and back, and people driving extremely fast.
“This is a safety issue,” he said, noting that they proposed the gate because all of their other options were “shot down.”
He also stated that they “knew it wasn’t going to do anything,” referring to the double stripped lines. In fact, he added that he feels the only thing it has done is helped people looking to pass people.
Kelly said that no matter what, they are looking for some type of solution, whether it’s a gate or another solution.
“You’re going to get a decision one way or another,” Farrell said.
It was ultimately decided to revisit the issue with more information available including about the different options, along with accident data, and a briefing from the police department and the fire department about their positions before making any decisions.
Malaguti said there have been other requests that have been looked at like speed tables, “We have pros and cons on those different options as well.”

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