Town Council Discusses a Wide Range of Agenda Items

During the Monday,  May 1, Londonderry Town Council meeting a number of minor agenda items were discussed by the board.

Board member John Farrell suggested that Londonderry’s Town Manager, Kevin Smith, should be working closely with Chief Hart over residents beginning to water plants and lawns, as the May 15th Town Council meeting will have a vote on whether or not the town watering ordinance will be lightened due to the decreasing drought status. Farrell suggested that officers show some understanding concerning these matters in the coming weeks.

The bulk of the evening revolved around the Town Council interviewing four residents for positions on the Zoning Board, Planning Board and Heritage Commission. (See related story pag 1).

New business was then discussed, starting with Chief Hart and Sergeant Tuefel announcing their desire to get the Town Council to sign off on a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Safety. The grant would help the Manchester airport purchase five new radiation detectors to replace their out-of date models, paying one half of the total price, or $9,709, while the airport would cover one quarter and Londonderry would cover the remaining quarter.  The Town Council unanimously approved of the matter.

Steve Cotton took the podium next, for two matters. First, he requested $8,450 to both clean up the walkways surrounding Town Hall and upgrade the Fire Departments pager system, to which the Town Council obliged.

Next, Kevin Smith joined Cotton to discuss his plans to replace the street lights in town with LED lights.  Smith noted that on top of the rebate they would receive for the project, the use of LED lighting would save the town money in the long run and increase the town’s eco-friendly status. Smith hopes to place LED lighting in the police and fire departments in the future.

A video produced by the state and featured Londonderry’s efforts for a greener community was shown to council.

After announcing temporary council member Stacie Street would be leaving the board and noting that it was Jim Butler’s birthday, the meeting was adjourned.

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