Town Council Interviews Applicants For Board & Committee Openings

A slew of openings for commissions and the Planning Board have been available for the past couple of weeks for residents to apply for, and several individuals were interviewed for them during the Town Council’s Dec. 4 meeting on Monday night.

Caroline O’Neil was first to be interviewed, applying for an opening on the Conservation Commission, which works to advertise and protect Londonderry’s natural resources and wetlands. Recently retired, O’Neil is very outdoorsy and figured this position would suit her interests.  Although she admitted to not having any experience with these committees when asked by Councilor Joe Green, she was more than willing to learn.  A decision was not made on who will take the position yet, as two more applicants still need to be interviewed in the future.

Frank Donlan came next, applying for one of two openings on the Planning Board seats, which grants developers permission to build various projects around town upon reviewing their site plans.  Donlan has lived in Londonderry since 1999. On top of wanting to get more involved with the town and serving on the Board of Directors for the town’s YMCA, he has been working as a commercial banker for the last twenty years. When asked by Councilor Jim Butler about whether or not his position as a banker would cause conflict with a role on the Planning Board, Donlan firmly believed that it would not be an issue.

A decision was also not made on who will take the two open positions, as one more applicant is yet to be interviewed.

Moving on to the Heritage Commission, which works to preserve historically and culturally significant resources within Londonderry, Victoria Gorveatt applied for the opening. Gorveatt also wanted to serve her community and loves New Hampshire old architecture, but her standout qualities came from both her Bachelor’s Degree in History and her experience of appraising various across New England.  Ultimately, she was granted the position by the Councilors.

Finally, four individuals applied for an opening on the Traffic Safety Committee, which maintains traffic standards throughout Londonderry and addresses any traffic-related problems reported by the public. Amongst the applicants were Peter Commerford, who currently sits on the Planning Board, Bryan Macdonald, who hoped to aid in growth and traffic concerns throughout town, and Doug Thomas, a state representative with safety experience from the Air Force Safety School.

However, the position ended up being granted to Ray Brown. Brown had spent twenty six years with the Coast Guard, and has lived in Londonderry since 1991 he also worked with the Massachusetts Traffic Department in the past.

Council Chair Tom Dolan was very satisfied to see so many residents apply to fill these positions, highlighting just how important he felt that they were to Londonderry.

“Volunteers are the backbone of our government,” Dolan noted.

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