Town Council OKs Repair to Public Works Garage, Generator Funding

The Town Council voted 3-0 Monday night to approve expenditures from the Maintenance Trust Fund totaling $5,099. Chairman Tom Dolan and Councilor Joe Green were not present at the meeting.

The funds will be used for improvements at the Public Works garage and the senior center.

At the garage, the lower panel on the rear overhead door, which had rusted out, is to be replaced. The money will be used to pay for the materials and labor to remove and replace the lower panel and other associated services.

At the senior center, the Maintenance Trust funds will be used as part of the replacement back-up generator grant approved for the Central Fire Station. The fire station’s existing generator was to be moved and installed at the senior center.

According to a report prepared for the Council, with the installation of the generator at the senior center, there will be another location in town to shelter residents when a power outage occurs. The funding request for the generator installation is to cover the cost of materials and labor.

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