Town Council Remids Owners to Get Dog Regsitered

Councilor Tom Dolan made a friendly reminder to dog owners on Monday night that it is that time of year again for dogs to get their renewal licenses. The process is very easy and can also help save a lost dog. The annual registration of all dogs with the Town Clerk is required by State of NH laws. According to the Town Clerk’s website, the licensing year runs from May 1 to April 30, so time is beginning to run out. The owners must provide proof that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies and puppies should be registered after receiving their first rabies shot. The registration fees are as follows:

Puppies (4-7 months) – $7.50

Spayed or neutered dog – $7.50 (Owner needs to provide documentation of spaying/neutering)

Unaltered dog – $10

Senior citizen dog – $3 (owner is 65 years old or older, first dog only)

Senior citizens are given a discount of 50% off the registration of their first dog. If you choose not to license your dog, it will be considered a violation of State law. Along with being charged the annual license fee, owners will be charged late fees for not complying with State law ($1 per month after June 1). Owners will also be charged with a civil forfeiture fee of $25. The owner must pay this fee to avoid a summons and court appearance.

Having your dog registered is not only a courtesy to your neighbors, but can also help track down a lost pup if he/she wanders away from home. The license also works as an identification badge, so if someone finds your dog and he/she is registered, they can be returned home safely. Owners may register their dogs in person at the Town’s Clerk’s office or by certified mail. If you are registering by mail, you must enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and a valid rabies certificate.

According to Town Clerk Sherry Farrell, the number of dogs that are unregistered is a significantly low amount. In 2017, the clerk’s office had a record of only 20 unaccounted for dogs for the town. This year, Farrell is guaranteeing that they will have 1% or less of dogs that are unregistered. The goal is to make sure that every dog is accounted for in town. This is important for the safety of all Londonderry residents, so that everyone knows if a dog has had their rabies shot or if a dog gets loose they can find their owner more easily. Farrell also noted that this is a top priority for the Clerk’s office.

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