Town Council Spends $8,000 for Building Repairs

The Town Council voted to expend $8,059.15 from the Maintenance Trust Fund to make several repairs to the north and south fire stations and the Town Hall. The south fire station incurred costs of $488.35 to Active Alarm due to troubleshooting of two faults with the fire alarm system, replacement of the battery, and correcting a zone fault issue, as well as testing the system to assure the faults were removed.

Also at South Station was a repair to a gable end that was finished with pre-primed finger-jointed pine trim instead of a PVC or hardboard product. The costs covered materials and labor and Gortex fasteners. The cost was $1,600 to Drouin Construction.

The north fire station saw replacement of a broken collar flange on a hydrant, at a cost of $822.05 to ASAP Sprinkler. The cost included testing the hydrant. Also at North Station, an air conditioning unit was installed to cool the cabinets that contain the computer logic boards/ relays and connections to sensors throughout the building. The cost was $3,488.00 to SAM Mechanical to install a 2-ton ductless air conditioning unit so the room can be climate controlled.

At Town Hall, $1,660.75 was paid to W.B. Mason for mobile storage racks for the Community Development office to store documents for extended periods of time. Authorization for the expenditures was given at the Town Council

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