Town Elections See Water Line Pass, Pickle Ball Fail

The Londonderry Town Elections were held on Tuesday, March 12, with favorable weather conditions and a number of big-ticket items, there were over 4,000 voters at the polls this year.
Below are the unofficial Town Election Results, that were posted on the town website, following the close of the polls.
In the race for the three-year Town Council seat, Shawn Faber was voted in over the four-term (12-year) incumbent, Jim Butler, 2,035 to 1,866.
For the two Budget Committee three-year term seats, Kate Burbidge and Jason Goldman won with 2,205 and 2,156 votes respectively. Wendy Marini received 1,710 votes.
For the one Budget Committee one-year seat, David Plaza won with 1,856 to Luke Veneri’s 1,445 votes.
In the race for the two Library Trustee three-year seats, Nancy Hendricks was elected with 1,421 votes and Moira Ryan took the other seat with 1,216 votes. Betsy McKinney received 1,098; Beth Marrocco had 1,015; Maria Barud got 749; Cynthia Peterson had 602; Christine Keenan, 420; and Cheryl P. Isaak got 256.
For the three-year term Trustee of the Trust Funds seat, Brian Patrick Crowley was elected with 1,643, over Bill Fanning with 1,471 votes.
In the Cemetery Trustee race, Amy Landry Wheeler had 1,807 votes, and was elected to the three-year term over Karen Pied, who received 1,403 votes.
In the election for the position of Town Clerk, Sherry Farrell retained her position with 2,685 votes over Amanda Longo who received 1,382 votes.
The six-year term seat for the town’s Supervisor of the Checklist position, Maureen Hardy won with 1,797 votes over Janet Huttula who got 1,517 votes.
Residents voted on over 20 Warrant Articles on March 12, with a number of Public Safety articles being passed.
On Article 2, the Amendment to the Town Charter on making the Town Treasurer an appointed position rather than an elected one, saw the amendment fail by nearly 1,000 votes.
This was the second consecutive year this article was proposed and failed, this year the vote was 2,539 to 1,553 against.
Article 3, the Loan Authorization for the High Range Road Water Supply Extension Project passed with a vote of 2,738 to 1,536. This article is for a bond of nearly $3 million, and required a 3/5 vote to pass.
Article 4, the Fiscal Year 2025 Town Operating Budget of $45, 901,420 passed 2,812 to 1,395 and requires the town to raise $23,653,283 in property taxes.
Article 5, the $200K Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund passed 2,785 to 1,426, with $100K being raised in taxes.
Article 6, the $650K Roadway Maintenance Expendable Trust Fund article passed 2,843 to 1,387.
Article 7, Establishing and Funding a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Expendable Trust Fund, passed 2,635 to 1,611.
Article 8, the DPW Equipment/Vehicle Leases Passed 2,634 to 1,614.
Article 9, the Fire Department Truck Capital Reserve Fund of $100K passed 2,956 to 1,335.
Article 10, the Fire Department Equipment Capital Reserve Fund of $75,000 passed 2,963 to 1,314.
Article 11, the Recreation Capital Reserve Fund of $10K passed 2,671 to 1,592.
Article 12, the Pillsbury Cemetery Expansion Capital Reserve Fund of $75K passed 2,275 to 1,854.
Article 13, the Cable Equipment Capital Reserve Fund of $32,500 passed 2,742 to 1,393 and will be raised through a Franchise Agreement.
Article 14 the Police Department’s request to add an Additional Prosecutor passed 2,311 to 1,871 and will require $162K to be raised in property taxes.
Article 15, the Fire Department’s request for additional Firefighters, at $495K, passed 2,784 to 1,426.
Article 16, the request to raise $490K for Pickleball Courts failed 2,688 to 1,564.
Articles 17, 18, 19, 20 and 22 were citizen petition articles that were all passed by voters. These article were made “advisory only” at the Deliberative Session.
Article 17: To amend Londonderry Municipal Code Title V – Administrative Code Chapter Iii Section I. A. making Planning Board positions elected as opposed to appointed passed 2,686 to 1,430.
Article 18: To amend Londonderry Municipal Code Title I – General Code I Section 8.13.B, to include public input at the start and end of each meeting, passed 3,085 to 1,077.
Article 19: To amend Londonderry Municipal Code Title I – General Code I Section 8.13.A, “shall meet at a time the best for the general population,” passed 3,125 to 1,017.
Article 20: To amend Londonderry Municipal Code Title I – General Code I Section 8.13.A, to Record Public meetings passed 3,204 to 933.
Article 22: To amend Londonderry Municipal Code Title V – Administrative Code Chapter III, to remove the word “Advisory” from “Budget Committee”, passed 2,259 to 1,621.
Article 21, another citizen petition, to see if voters were in favor of the Town Manager Plan, passed 2,100 to 1,775.
Article 23, Transaction of Other Business, passed 2,427 to 1,166.

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