Town Hires Senior Accountant

The Town welcomed new Senior Accountant Justin Campo, whose position has replaced the former Controller position held by new Finance Director Doug Smith.

Smith said the Town stole Campo away from its auditor, Plodzik and Sanderson of Concord, with whom Campo worked for three years.

“I worked to help municipalities identify issues with their accounting, and I’m looking forward to now helping a municipality avoid making those mistakes,” said Campo, 25, who grew up in Londonderry.

Smith has been overseeing all Finance responsibilities since the Town’s former Finance Director, Sue Hickey, left. She is now Chief Financial Officer in Derry.

He said he is relieved to have someone on board to help wrap up the FY16 budget process and begin the next budget cycle. And Campo’s three years of experience working with a company that audits municipalities makes him an asset to the department, according to Smith.

The Senior Accountant will now report directly to the Town Manager, whereas the Controller previously reported to the Finance Director.

In total, appointing Smith as Finance Director and hiring a Senior Accountant in place of a Controller will save the Town a minimum of $50,000 in the FY16 budget, according to Town Manager Kevin Smith.

As finance director, Doug Smith’s annual salary will increase by $9,000 to $109,000; Hickey’s salary was budgeted at $124,000.

The changes will be reflected when the Town begins putting together the FY17 budget in the fall, Smith said.

Campo, who attended Monday night’s Town Council meeting, has a salary of $55,000 per year.

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