Town Manager Addresses Homeless Shelter Rumor

By Alex Malm

During the Sept. 25 Town Council meeting, Town Manager, Mike Malaguti, addressed, what he called a rumor, going around that there is a homeless shelter coming to Londonderry.
“You can take it from my mouth, there is no homeless shelter coming to Londonderry,” Malaguti said.
He said it’s not something he’s been advocating for either, saying he has seen rumors circulating on social media about it.
“I just wanted to clear that up,” Malaguti said.
Also during the meeting, the Town Council was asked to vote on accepting unanticipated revenue, after receiving a grant from the NH Department of Safety, Office of Highway Safety for a total of $14,400.
Malaguti explained that every so often the NH Department of Safety hands out money for municipalities to do additional traffic enforcement.
“This is one of those grants,” he said.
He said the Town Council needed to accept it as unanticipated revenue, which they did.
“So that we can get extra patrols out there,” Malaguti said, noting the funds would be utilized by the police department.
Also during the meeting, the Town Council heard a request to authorize spending $13,826 from the Expendable Maintenance Trust Fund to make improvements to the fire department.
Malaguti explained that oftentimes when people drive past the fire stations, the doors are open and said “there’s good reasons for that.”
However, he noted that it’s not the most effective when it comes to the HVAC system.
In a letter from ENE systems, to Director of Public Works, Dave Wholley, it said “as you know, the bay heaters located in all three fire stations are constantly running when the overhead doors are opened.”
“Currently, you are adjusting the setpoints to address this when it happens, however, that can be tedious and if not done consistently, can be a waste of energy,” the letter read. “We suggest placing door position monitors on 20 doors throughout three fire stations and then integrate to the DDC system to disable the HVAC system if any door is open. This solution will offer an automatic shut off of the bay heaters when the overhead doors open thus saving time and energy costs.”
Malaguti said on the recommendation of ENE, the plan is to install 20 magnetic door switches at the fire stations.
Town Council Vice Chair, Chad Franz, said he agreed with using the funds for the project.
“I think this is the exact reason why we have the trust fund,” Franz said.
Town Councilor, Ted Combes, also said he thinks it made sense to go forward with it to reduce overhead costs.
It was noted the total price if wiring is run in conduit is $19,840, however, the town will be receiving a discount of $6,014, by not doing so.
The board approved moving forward with using the funds.

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