Town Offers Help for Residents Struggling with Recycling Bins

As the Town prepares to transition to a bi-weekly recycling collection program set to begin in July, Public Works staff members say they are working to educate the public and address residents’ concerns.

Don Sprague of the Buttrick Village Condominium Association said his primary concern with the new recycling program is that elderly residents may struggle to haul the larger containers down their driveways for collection.

“Buttrick Village Condominium Association is an over-55 community located on Lincoln Drive with limited garage space and demographics of over 50 percent single women. Receptacles containing two weeks’ garbage contents will, no doubt, be difficult, if not impossible for certain homeowners to maneuver them to the curb side for pick-up,” he said.

Garbage will continue to be picked up weekly; only recyclables will be picked up bi-weekly.

Public Works Director Janusz Czyzowski said the Department mailed 50 letters to residents who previously requested the Town provide them with 35-gallon trash bins as opposed to the larger, 65-gallon bins for trash collection.

“We reached out to people who already chose smaller barrels for trash collection and asked if they would also like smaller bins for recyclables,” he said. “Those are starting to come back in and the majority of those we are getting back want the 35-gallon bins.”

Residents who did not receive a letter and think they will not be able to manage the larger bin may contact the Public Works Department at 432-1100 ext. 139 to request a smaller bin.

“We will definitely try to accommodate people who cannot handle the large bins,” Czyzowski said.

The Town, which has contracted with Waste Management for solid waste and recycling, has offered to provide those residents, many of whom are elderly, with 35-gallon bins for recyclables, rather than the new, 96-gallon bins the Town plans to deliver to residents in June.

In addition to his concerns over the collection bins, Sprague, noting many seniors aren’t able to navigate the internet, said it’s still not clear to him how to sort his trash from his recyclables and what materials are accepted in single stream recycling.

Czyzowski said in addition to providing information related to waste collection on the Town’s website at, the Department has also published a newsletter with details about the new, bi-weekly recycling program, as well as information about trash collection.

Printed copies of the newsletter and informational pamphlets related to waste collection are available at Town Hall.

Administrative Assistant Donna Limoli noted there is a display in the lobby at the Town Hall Offices that shows what types of materials may be recycled and said staff is always available to answer questions by phone.