Town Proposes Investing in Cemetery Expansion

With space in Pillsbury Cemetery quickly running out, the Town has proposed investing in the expansion of the property as part of the FY17 budget.

Town Manager Kevin Smith said the Town’s proposed budget includes a $75,000 allocation to the Capital Reserve Maintenance Trust Funds for the development of additional plots on the land donated to the Town as part of the development agreement for Woodmont Commons.

Administrative Support Coordinator Steve Cotton said the Town sells about 20 plots a year.

“Within five years, we’ll have to expand with the land donation we’re getting,” he said. “We’re trying to get the funds upfront so we’re not sticker shocked.”

Still available are approximately 130 plots of the recently completed Phase II expansion of Pillsbury, according to Cotton.

Located on Hovey Road, Pillsbury is one of eight cemeteries in Londonderry. But Pillsbury Cemetery is the only place a resident can buy a plot in Londonderry.

“All the other cemeteries are booked,” said Cotton, who is projecting the Town will need to spend between $300,000 and $400,000 to complete the next phase of expansion.

“We spent at least $220,000 just for (Phase II) expansion, and that was only 1.5 acres,” he said, noting the $75,000 contribution is intended to “ramp up” their investment so the funds will be available. “I can just see we’re going to be having an issue in a few years.”

Smith said Woodmont has already deeded to the Town the property to be used for the future expansion.

According to Smith, the Town’s total proposed $1.5 million allocation to the Maintenance Trust and Capital Reserve Funds from undesignated fund balance represents the largest investment in the fund since George W. Bush was president.

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