Two Candidates Look To Fill Three-Year Town Council Seat

There will be two names on this year’s local election ballot for the one seat available on the Town Council.
Incumbent, Jim Butler, and resident, Shawn Faber, hope to win the three-year seat appearing on the Town’s March 12 ballot.
We asked the candidates to answer two questions in order to give residents a chance to form an opinion on who they should cast their vote for.
Question 1: There have been concerns over the past few years about property tax increases. What can you do, as one Councilor, to help lower taxes?
Question 2: Why are you the best choice for voters?

Jim Butler
Question 1: The question of property taxes is a legitimate one. Before opining on how to help lower taxes, I feel it necessary to share factual information about where the town’s current taxes stand.
Of 238 communities in 2023, the Granite State (ranked highest to lowest) shows Londonderry ranked #174 (1). Meaning there are 173 cities and towns that pay more in taxes than us. Some of these communities are smaller than Londonderry in population, while others are equal to or larger than us.
Comparatively speaking, the Town of Londonderry pays less in tax dollars than 73% of communities in the State of New Hampshire.
Regarding how to continue lowering property taxes, we should use appropriate development (commercial, industrial, and residential) to our advantage based on the town’s development requirements and parameters when and where we can. There is a balance to strike. I believe that here in Londonderry, the voters have achieved that balance. When done responsibly, development achieves relief to the taxpayer and catapults us into a stable future for our children and grandchildren.
Question 2: As a senior citizen and someone who has lived in this community for shy of 40 years, I actively represent a unique yet rapidly growing senior population on the Town Council. With almost 1,000 senior domiciles and a population of approximately 8,000-9,000 senior citizens, it is critically important to have this representation. Outside of this fact, my wife and I have raised three sons in Londonderry, who all remain taxpayers to this day. Two of my sons have children themselves, with my oldest having five and my youngest having two. Make no mistake: I have a very real stake in the future of our town! Our oldest grandchild is 15, with our youngest being less than three days old as of this writing. Congratulations, Bo and Amanda, on the birth of your son!
It’s important to consider that there is no substitute for experience. Institutional and historical knowledge plays a crucial role in navigating town government. Outside of the knowledge acquired through serving as a Councilor since 2012, my professional life has helped forge a sound understanding of building and development, which allows me to sit in rooms with developers and understand their language to make educated decisions by way of asking earnest questions with a foundation of experience to fall back on.
I respectfully ask for your support at the March 12 elections for Town Councilor.

Shawn Faber
Question 1: As a councilor, I believe there are several approaches to addressing property tax increases. Firstly, I would advocate for a thorough review of the town’s budget to identify areas where spending can be reduced or reallocated. This could involve working with town departments to identify inefficiencies and prioritize essential services. Collaborating with local businesses and residents to find innovative solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency in delivering town services would also be a priority. Finally, I would work to ensure that any new developments or projects in the town are undertaken in a financially responsible manner, considering the long-term impact on tax rates.
Question 2: I am the best choice for voters because of my deep commitment to our community and my proven track record of leadership and collaboration throughout my life. I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the town’s needs and challenges. My professional experience as a private executive equips me with the skills necessary to make sound fiscal decisions that benefit our town. I am dedicated to transparency, accountability, and open communication with residents, and I will work tirelessly to represent the interests of all members of our community. I am passionate about creating a sustainable and thriving future for our town, and I am confident in my ability to bring about positive change as a councilor.

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