Voters Reject Kindergarten Renovation Plan Articles

The School District’s Election was held on Tuesday, March 12, and with well over 4,000 voters making it to the polls, the results determined residents were not willing to spend over $34 million for the Moose Hill Addition and Renovation plan, but were willing to support all of the other articles.
In the election for School Board seats, incumbent Sara Loughlin had 2,623 votes and incumbent Amanda Butcher had 2,487 to retain their seats for three more years. Challengers Alan Roy and Ken Samoisette had 1,119 and 1,005 respectively.
Article 2, the Special Article to raise $23,100,000 for the Moose Hill Addition and Renovation project needed 60 percent of the vote to pass and failed by a vote of 2,258 to 1,955.
Article 3, the Special Article to raise $11,100,000 for the second part of the Moose Hill Addition and Renovation project also failed to receive 60 percent of the votes required, falling 2,094 to 2,121.
Article 4, the General Fund – Operating Budget of $88,351,411 passed by the School Board had 3,503 votes, while the Default Budget received 549 votes.
Article 5, the Londonderry Support Staff [AFSCME Local 1801] Bargaining Agreement passed with a vote of 3,024 to 1,140.
Article 6, the Authorization for Special Meeting on Cost Items if Article 5 failed, passed 3,125 to 1,009.
Article 7, the School Lunch Program and Federal Fund Projects, passed 3,767 to 472.
Article 8, the Special Article for the $220K Buildings and Grounds Capital Reserve Fund passed 3,075 to 1,130.
Article 9, the Special Article of $125K for the District’s Technology Network Infrastructure Capital Reserve Fund, passed 3,052 to 1,151.
Article 10, the Special Article of $120K for the Equipment Capital Reserve Fund passed 3,208 to 933.
Article 11, a Citizen Petition Warrant Article, amended at the Deliberative Session passed 2,855 to 651. It stated: Shall the district express its support of the current method of presenting the operating budget to voters?
Note: The results were obtained from the Londonderry School District’s results posted on their website on Monday, March 18.

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