Where it all began

The First Parish Church will undergo an historically accurate renovation, according to Lindemann. This summer they poured a new foundation and installed an elevator. In 2017 they’ll concentrate on the bell tower and timber framing, and in 2018 they’ll address the interior, he said.

According to the church’s Web site, the first church building was constructed in 1722. A “more imposing structure” replaced the first in 1769, and though it has been altered over time, the 1769 building remains the center of worship.

The church became an independent community church in the Congregational tradition in 1810, and joined the United Church of Christ in 1995.

The current building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The church tower was dismantled last year, and its 200-pound bell was removed, in order for the tower to undergo structural repair. The building was lifted this summer to install the new foundation.

The work is being done by Preservation Timber Framing and the congregation raised $800,000 in a four-year capital campaign.

For more information visit www.nutfieldhistory.org/nutfield300th.

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